Sarah Naqvi's soft sculpture at Saavdhaan: The Regimes of Truth curated by Shaunak Mahbubani

The Regimes of Truth

Staying with the Sirens - On the Resilience of the Past

Staying with the Sirens: On the Resilience of the Past

Summons to the Witch: Hyperstition in the Age of Incredulity

Verging (conversation with Shilpa Gupta)

LN Tallur's installation at the Hangar for the Passerby curated by Akansha Rastogi.

Model for Invisible Growth

Monuments of the Contemporary

Encounters of the Remote Kind: Temporal Flicker

Through the Looking Glass of the Unlovely: Beauty, Love & Narcissism

Sounding the Alarm - review of Navin Thomas' Out Here in the Exosphere at Galleryske.

Sounding the Alarm

The City, Janus-Faced

Requiem for the Apocalypse (conversation with AES+F)

Archives of Memory